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About The Book

I start to write this book to help people who seek some new ways and wish to explore their powers to invoke miracles in their lives. I dedicate each word to the Supreme Power
or Divine Intelligence that guided me in creating this course. I call this Supreme Power or Divine Intelligence the ‘God of
Miracles ‘.
The God of Miracles lies within us and waits for our command to realize our dreams each day. This is how I realized Him in my life

I create this course to show something special to my fellow friends on this planet. I feel we can invoke some power within through declarations, thinking, and prayers under the guidance of the God of Miracles.

As a creator of this course, I consistently seek guidance and direction from the God of Miracles. I often felt that some power traveled from the Universe to me and guided me to create each Divine Declaration, Divine Prayer, or Divine Guided Meditations. I offer my gratitude to Him, the God of Miracles.

Invisible forces are always waiting
for your permission to create miracles
in your life. Be kind to yourself by
granting them your permission.

Ram Verma

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What’s inside










1. You are miraculous/21
2. You cause miracles each day/26

1. The power of Divine Telepathy/30
2. The power of Divine Clairvoyance/34
3. The power of Divine Precognition/36
4. The power of Divine Perception/38
5. The power of Divine Telekinesis/40

Law 1. Free yourself from the trap of poisonous thinking/45
Law 2. Offer everyone a new lease of life/47
Law 3. Free yourself from hard times talk/50
Law 4. Shower abundance/53
Law 5. Avoid fear, worry, and haste/55
Law 6. Reclaim prosperity/57
Law 7. Being miserable is against nature/61
Law 8. Thoughts get visible into results through actions/63
Law 9. Follow the Law of Emptiness/66
Law 10. Creating emptiness for money/70
Law 11. Script miracles in your mind first/75
Law 12. Be positive and ready for the change/78
Law 13. Access your hidden superpower/80
Law 14. Use the power of Intensified Intentions and
Positive Expectations/83
Law 15. Create a new world/85
Law 16. Shake the Universe in your favor/88
Law 17. Follow the Action Formula/91
Law 18. Follow the Ultimate Divine Prosperity Secret/94

1. Invoke Divine Telepathy/103
2. Connect with the God of Miracles/113
3. A letter to the God of Miracles/128
4. Attract a partner or financier a special
client for your business/144
5. Invoke Telekinesis to build the lost bridge
for money to reach your palaces/156


Divine Laws

Divine Powers

A practical course for Divine Intelligence, Faith, Miracles & Prosperity.

ram verma

About Ram Verma

I am Ram Verma. I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend, a reader, a writer, a speaker, and a coach.

I am an ardent believer of the God of Miracles. I always believe that Miracles happen as I have witnessed and experienced them in my own life. Won’t you consider our meeting, here on this page, a Miracle? I have always developed myself as a seeker of miraculous powers and wonderful mysteries of the Universe. Through this book,
with my love and compassion, I am sharing with you everything I have discovered, whatever mysteries have been revealed to me.

I welcome you on the journey of miracles. Let’s begin this miraculous journey.

Ram Verma


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