NLP Training in India

What are you looking for? Big money, better health, empowering relationship, emotional wellness, social-contribution and overall successful life?

If yes! You are at RIGHT place. NLP is the right human-mind-tool that will help you get what you desire and deserve.

Welcome to the world of transformation @ Applied Fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

My name is Ram Verma. For one and half decades I have been offering a number of NLP trainings in India. My generative learning methodlogy uniquely helps participants learn and practice NLP in a simple way.This helps people address and resolve their challenges effectively. I am proud to announce that my most-watched NLP videos in India and abroad are helping everyday hundreds of people who are looking for authentic and relevant NLP training to address their issues.

In last one and half decades, I got an opportunity and big exposure to address and empower more than half a million people with NLP trainings in India. I have got an opportunity to design and deliver various NLP trainings like NLP for corporate executives/managers, NLP for students, NLP for cricketers & sportspersons, NLP for sales people, NLP for couples, NLP for senior citizens, NLP for lawyers, NLP for teachers/parents and NLP for upcomoing trainers in different Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa and Ahmedabad etc.

I have been helping individuals and upcoming Indian NLP trainers (training and designing their customised NLP training contents) who have been offering various NLP trainings like NLP Basic Practitioner course, NLP Master Practitioner course, NLP trainers' program, and NLP based customized workshops for Students, Youth, Couples, Parents, Teachers & Business people etc.

NLP Introduction by Ram Verma

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Upcoming NLP Trainings By Ram Verma

 1. Recharge Your Mind @ NLP

Date & Venue:   August 16 & 17, 2014
UG-CS 31, Ansal Plaza, Vaishali, Gzb
Duration: Two Days       Fee: 7000

Course Details: read             Register:  here


2. Certified NLP (Basic+Master)
Practitioner Cum Coach Program

  Rs 35,000

Date & Venue:   Sept 12-19, 2014
UG-CS 31, Ansal Plaza, Vaishali, Gzb

 Details: read        Register:  here

NLP Programs

   1. Certified Comprehensive NLP Practitioner (Basic+Master) Cum Coach Program

NLP Certified Course

We offer a unique, relevant and practical approach of NLP in India wherein you get a chance to start each topic from the beginning and learn it to the level where you become master NLP Practitioner and an NLP trainer simultaneously in the least possible time through generative learning. In this NLP training program you create the needed transformation in your personal life, profession and also get trained to resolve the challenges of other people and organizations.

Think Beyond ordinary NLP Training ...Think of Great Self-Transformation!

Find time for real self-trasnsformation & take yourself to the next level of life; be more than just an NLP practitioner; rather prove to be the real master of change and success.

The "Certified Comprehensive NLP Practitioner (Basic+Master) Cum Train the Trainer Program" is the most effective NLP training in India because its simple-and-easy-to-understand method, wide coverage of NLP in short period and a chance to program your mind to address the real challenges faced by almost every individual today like the challenges of Heath, Money, Parenting, Confidence, Career, Relationship, Stress, Depression etc. This program not only trains you with whole NLP but also its proper and extensive application in various domains.

This NLP Training program is most suitable;

    (a) If you want to learn NLP as a whole and its application for the transformation of all areas for your life like health, wealth, professional growth, communication, sales and team building, happiness, spirituality, relationship and total wellness, or

    (b) If you wish to launch yourself as an NLP trainer and train organizations or start NLP training in India or elsewhere for sportspersons, cricketers, students, couples, obese people, senior citizens and other individuals.

                                                                       *Course Details: read  


2. 'Recharge Your Mind' @ NLP

        Life throws us every day a number of challenges. These challenges do leave some unwanted patterns on our mind, andRecharge your life NLP workshop program us in such a way that we experience depression instead of delightfulness, anger instead of comfort, frustration instead of flexibility, and confusion instead of concentration. This leaves us powerless and conveys us the message that we need to heal and reprogram our mind and redesign our thoughts to get rid of unwanted patterns and implant the needed ones.
        This two-day NLP training will cover some of the selected healing and recharging NLP skills/exercises and their applications. If you are looking for to become more and have more in life, I am committed to imparting you the most effective NLP skills that will help you heal and recharge your financial life, health, confidence, business, profession and relationship. So, book your seat with the members of your family and ‘Recharge Your Mind’ afresh....


             *Investment: 7000                             *Course Details: read                       *Book Your Seat: here

3. Super Kids-Brilliant Teens; NLP-BrainMapping workshop for Students

Students! Double Your Marks-Scoring-Mind-Power &
     Get Perfect Score in the Next Exam @ NLP-MindMapping

Today almost each Indian student faces one or more challenges during their studies, like:NLP Student Workshop

  1. They learn their subject but fail to retain it for long.
  2. They frequently lose their interest and attitude in studies or in a particular subject but don’t know how to recreate the lost interest.
  3. They frequently experience fear of exam, public speaking or interview
  4. They adopt unwanted behaviours and habits but don’t know how to get rid of them.
  5. They have a number of times relationship issues with their parents.
  6. They come across a number of depressing teenage issues and suffer a lot.

First time in India, I take this opportunity to address the core and burning issues of the students in this NLP for Indian students workshop called 'Super kids-Brilliant Teens. If you are a parent, teacher or a tutor, you can recommend this workshop to your students so that they can learn better, feel more comfortable and achieve their best.     

                                                  *Course Details and Venue: read & watch video

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